Transfer License

Several years ago I purchased and activated a theme license. That website is no longer available. Now I need to move that license to another website.

Envato support is a terrible experience!! There is now way yo contact them to helo me out with this simple task.

What can I do ?

It’s the author you need to contact with your purchase code.

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I dont have support anymore.
If i want to Pay for it, it is almost the Price for a new Themplate…


If you are interested to get support (please check envato item support policy) from the Item author, you can extend/renew your support.

Extending and Renewing Item Support:


I read all that
It is unethical that you make me Pay 50US for “support” in Order to transfer the License I paid before.
The Theme cost 60US

Have you tried messaging the author to see if they will deregister it without live support?