Traffic breakaway?


Hi Folks,

I’m more or less new as a content author (musician) here at envato/audiojungle but I’m experiencing with every track I submit a huge traffic breakdown within the first 24-72 hours. Usually I get a sale after a few plays of my track so I think it can’t be so bad at all…

I know that older things move further down the listing as new tracks where submitted but after the first days with some plays some of my tracks are receiving zero traffic. Is there a way to improve this issue or are getting listed higher again after some time?



It’s the same here in ThemeForest as well, right now this is one of if not the biggest issue with Envato marketplaces at the moment, the system encourages authors to constantly release new items just to keep up exposure, it’s troublesome. For now though, apart from perhaps a massive marketing campaign (google adwords) the best way to get people into your portfolio is to release new items.