Yeah! It's amazing( I'm happy( It's all Totally demotivate

Authors making music, uploading tracks, and approved tracks not visible in the categories and search. And more, review queue lenght UNSTABLE(((. All knows, if tracks approved on saturday or sunday, then sales = 0. And i make tracks and upload, hoped that the review lenght 11 days, but now reveiw lenght 8-9 days, and all tracks aproved yesterday and today((((( And for more happy, tracks not visible((( It’s amazing, it’s great((

Dear Envato, it’s totally demotivate music authors. What happens? When all troubles and bugs will be end? When review queue lenght will be stable? Please inform authors when all will be works good?

And one more problem: Many Many Many great music tracks on audiojungle with 0 sales, because clients can’t search this great tracks. Clients buy music only from top list and from top of search, and all other thousands tracks not bought. Can you make something for many other tracks not from toplist and top
search can sales better?? And how we can see popular search keywords statistic? And if we cant see keywords statistic, why we can’t?

Keep working :wink: It’s a marathon, not a sprint

This is not marathon, this is roulette((


The title of your topic is very misleading, I thought you were celebrating something haha.

Audiojungle is a marathon, like @MaxKoMusic said. If you check the number of tracks on the front page regularly, you will see thousands of tracks are approved every week. The marketplace is flooded. The only way to keep up is to keep uploading quality music regularly. You can’t rely on your 5 mins of front page exposure when your item gets approved, and you can’t expect your tracks to show up on the first page of search every time.

I used to worry about these things too, but now I realized it was in vain. Just keep working hard, and results will come.

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Personaly i have sold songs on sundays and the details tells monday. So the world goes around, so to speak. And also, private filmmakers may only have time for this on weekends.

So, let’s imagine if you will know when exactly you tracks will be approve! And not only you, but all authors! What will heppen ? Exactly! All authors will be count days for his monday (may be wensday) approve track , and all middle of the week will be zero:) (If idealize), but this days will bring a lot of works for AJ team. It’s very simple. So, just work every days and will be all Ok:)

From my own personal experience I feel that front page exposure is over-hyped. I’ve never seen more the 1-2 sales for any of my tracks in the first hour or so after approval (although exposure could possibly mean later sales - as previews are being downloaded).

My second best selling track was approved on a Sunday and my best selling track was approved in late hours of a Friday evening, so don’t believe everything you read here and there.
You’ve got some nice tracks on your tiny portfolio - keep uploading quality stuff, always look to improve your own creative process and technique, and never expect any shortcuts.

Enjoy the ride :wink:


Don’t blame anyone, that’s your problem. And as guys already stated, it’s actually not that BIG a problem…
If your track is really great and in demand, someone will notice it and but it anyways. Its us authors think that our ‘holy masterpiece’ arrived on Sunday and now AudioJungle lost it forever, well that’s not true in most cases :slightly_smiling:

Upload tracks everyday so you’ll guarantee your position :smile:


And you should know!!! :wink:

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