Track rejected, please some feedback

My track has been rejected, I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

The music is very lively. I really like the moment from 1:54-end. Nice to listen to that :slight_smile:
I can not even say why they did not accept your music.
I could be wrong, but at 0:02 the piano does not sound very good, flat, loud… The piano mutes other synthesizers. There is a lot of echo left from the piano and the ears get a little tired of it. And the composition itself sounds quiet. I just want to make the music a little louder(compression).
You’re doing fine! GOOD LUCK! :+1:

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Everything sounds too synthetic. The mix is also bad.

@Ksarex Thank you Ksarex for your kind contribution and constructive help! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment.


(I’ve had lots of rejections and one recent acceptance, so don’t take my opinion too seriously, but…) Production sounds okay to me, I just think the melody could tell a bit more of a story - it doesn’t have to follow the background parts so closely.

Best of luck with your music!

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@rossmccrae Thank you for the helpful comment. You just pointed out what I tried to avoid - too much melody (I feared it will be too distractive for a video background). Your “Waffles on Toast” is beautiful, congrats! It reminds me of “Love Our Time Today” (from “Death at Funeral”).

@Fabertone Many thanks!