Track got rejected need Feedback

Pretty new to audiojungle. All my corporate tracks got rejected so far. I don´t really get the genre.
Can you tell me why the track got rejected? Envato leaves me clueless.

Hello! In my opinion, you need to make the mix more clean and transparent.
Good luck!

Thanks for your reply! Is it really just the muddyness of the mix or are there some elements to loud or anything? I´m really new to corporate music, that´s why it´s very unfamiliar to me at this point.

The problem is not in the genre. In my opinion you have a good track, but with poor mixing. The entire mix (completely) sounds like it was squeezed to 64 kbps.

Ok thanks!

Just in case, check the audio export settings in your DAW. :wink:

I think the big problem is that I have always rushed my submissions. I did really quick and dirty mixes, I focused only on songwriting and arrangement the whole time, basically completely ignoring/forgetting the mixing phase. Really good that you pointed that out!
But yeah I will check the output settings! Thanks mate, I hope that with better mixes I will be accepted!

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