TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS only on Portfolio items

Hi, I’m having a issue with portfolio on NineZeroSeven theme.
All portfolio pages get this error on every browser:

My permalink settings are on “article name”. If I try to switch it to “simple” or “data/name” portfolio pages start to run. But I need settings on “article name”.

Any suggestions?

Have you contacted the theme author for support?

Unfortunatly support is expired…

Are you interested in paid support ? I can offer one to check the problem and fix it

Thanks, but I’m not interested in paid support.

Sorry but for the other authors’ item, I’m not comfy to provide free support. Whoever is going to fix it needs to spend some time to find the real problem and this is a job rather that suggesting options.

Good luck with that and if you change your mind, feel free to contact

Thanks, I hope someone else here can give me some suggesting options to try to solve the problem.

Hey there, you can extend the support of your item and ask the author directly. Some authors help with minor issues even without extending the support package, leave the author a question and see! :slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s what I did…let’s hope in an answer.
Nobody else did an experience with a similar problem even on another theme?