why are my articles rejected all the times ?

Hello i do not know what i am doing wrong, but i have been trying to sell items on theme forest all the times but it gets rejected all the time. i dont know how can i fix them . If any one has some tips on what points that i need to take care of please do let me know i would love to update my codes and then sell item here. Thankx.

Feel free to share URLs to your demos here and people can give you some feedback.

this is one of the demo that i build for freelancers or small companies. it has CMS and all other customization. may be i should use a random name instead of a real person name ?

Thank you so much for answering, i will be taking care of these points for my next submissions. do you think if i submit files and it gets rejected many times i may get blocked ?

Not bad, but it needs more work. Especially that portfolio showcase and “GET A FREE QUOTE” sections feel unfinished. All services pages are basically the same as homepage with just a different contact form (which looks pretty bad).

Also don’t you think that there is a WAY too many JS files for such a simple site?

And what do you mean by “it has CMS and all other customization”?

yes let me see through those mentioned changes.
i really really appreciate your help and after changing all the mentioned points i will re upload the submission.

what i mean by CMS is an admin panel where you can change the contact details, many photos and see the contact form fill-ups etc.

do you think resubmitting the same project after the changes will be a good idea, i dont want them to block my account if its a risk.

Do you mean custom CMS? I am not sure that stuff like that is even allowed, which category have tried to uploaded it to?

i uploaded it to website template category.
and what i mean is a admin panel simply to change website contents.
https://ynaps-test.tk/demo/admin/login i can share login details if you like to see.

I understand what do you mean, I know what CMS is. But there is no category for such type of item on ThemeForest as long as I know.
Website template category is meant for static HTML templates.

And even if there were such category, with all due respect, but nobody is going to buy such item and learn your CMS. That’s really not how it works. Either convert it to a WordPress (or Joomla or available categories) or create a plain static HTML template.

thank you for the feedback, but i saw many websites on the platform with independent admin panels, i think its a PHP script category ?

That would be more right, you can check out CodeCanyon categories. But again, ignore the fact that such items are or aren’t available on Envato and really, really try to think about it. I know you love your template, you put a lot of work into it, but you have a tunnel vision IMHO. Why would anybody wanted to willingly use your custom CMS, if he can just use WordPress, which has heaps of documentation, tutorials, periodical updates, thousands of plugins and themes. Seriously, think about it. What is added value of your solution?

Custom CMS are meant to be used for specific projects where conventional CMSs like WordPress won’t cut it. But you won’t make any money from them on a stock market. Also, your template doesn’t offer anything unique which couldn’t be done in WordPress. There is really no reason to use a custom CMS in this case.

I highly recommend to take few steps back and give it some thoughts. I understand you put a lot of effort into it, but you are going in the wrong direction. Better to realize that now then after you put even more time into it.

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yes i can see your pint here. i do appreciate your feedback. i think a HTML template will be a better solution. or if i am having a unique website like mobile recharge made on PHP script or a online grocery website made on PHP will be a better solution with admin panel right?

i understand your point.
Thank you so much for the feedback.

Nope. I am taking about much more unique stuff then some online store. That can be already easily achieved via WordPress + WooCommerce plugin.

Again, you won’t make any money with a custom CMS on a stock marketplace. Feel free to use it for client projects, but even for such use case stuff like WordPress will be much better in most cases. Custom CSMs are things of past when it comes to basic, general-use web sites. What you are doing was cool maybe 15 years ago, but nobody in 2020 is interested in a custom CMS (speaking about general use cases, not some huge corporate stuff of course), there are plenty of great ones already.

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so if i make a custom e-commerce or a website which is not feasible in WP or other related CMS i should not have any CMS for that? how do clients manage the project? or i should simply switch all projects to WP??

are you saying that PHP projects are not worth of spending time anymore ??
i am sorry, if i am taking too much of your time.

I am talking specifically about selling them on stock marketplaces like ThemeForest. I am sure there is still place for it when it comes to some specific client projects.

I mean just think about it. Why would anybody buy a template built on some obscure custom CMS, if he can buy template which will do the same job (if not better) and work on a conventional CMS like WordPress which offers huge benefits like periodical updates and HUGE library of 3rd party plugins. What exactly your CMS does that WordPress already doesn’t? What your template itself offers that would convice anyone to buy it instead of some WordPress theme? Have you actually took time to look at some top WordPress themes and see what they can do from the backend perspective? Can your custom CMS match that?

Seriously, think about it from a customer point of view. Again, I am talking about common customers who buy themes/templates on stock marketplaces. You got so focused on working on your template that you didn’t really think through who are you gonna sell it to. You should take few steps back and rethink it, before you commit more time into it.

maybe you are not following the guidelines…