My HTML template Got rejected...plz help me put!

I just received an unpleasant hard rejection email for my html template. I really need help with the reasons becase the reviewer doesn’t explain anything. Prepared documentation as clear as possible. I would really appreciate if you could check out the template and help me find my mistakes. (Here is the demo of my template )

I quite like the design - you need significantly more features and options eg:

  • different galleries/portfolio

  • more layouts other pages e.g. multiple home page options, one page and multi-page version

  • blog is just a post and not an actual blog page

Thank you Sir for your opinion
am beginner so plz help me out

1.i ll work on the portfolio n multiple home pages( evn i felt like multiple pages are mandatory to get approved cz of high comptetion in TF)

2.but How to make an actual blogin page?(basics?)

3.And Also… Can i include multiple type of home pages in different folders with seprate coding and then link them to one single landing page or should i make one single style sheet for everythng and make multiple pages out of it?