Rejection on my HTML Template. Need your opinion about our design quality

I recently submitted my HTML template but it was rejected with the reason below-

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Chic Multipurpose Fashion Landing Page” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

We appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating your item. And we’d be happy to help make sure your next entry will meet our submission requirements.

Please share your opinions how can i improve the quality. Please have a look at demo click here


from what i can see you need to improve css

please see screenshot:

text goes over image.


Thank you for your response.

Just want to let you know that, the screenshot which you have shared with us with the CSS issue was of showcase page it’s not a part of our product, Please visit the demo link which is on the showcase page.

Please look the attached screenshot demo-link

Hi there:

I think that you need make more html and submit new html maybe approved it, I also first time was hard rejected my html but I already submit again html approved :slight_smile: good luck regards.

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Your advertisement is too basic design.

Hey JeriTeam,

We appreciate your suggestion but we need some Good suggestions. So, that we can improve our product and re-submit it again. This may not be the reason of rejection.

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I think that reviewer maybe never wrong hard rejected but reviewer have reason hard rejected. You not can resubmit because will hard rejected again but you can create new template and submit maybe approved.

Yeah you are right !

It would be Great if they let us know the exact reason for the rejection.

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what i can say is that you have some nice ideas when it comes to grouping images and playing with css positionnings. But iam affraid to say that it is the only well executed aspect of your template. The design is really too basic (without saying it was a mess on my iphone 6 screen). Here are some things you can improve (However, i would stick to @JeriTeam advice to start a new template from scratch, as this one has little chance being approved after being hard rejected). However :

  • Typography is really bad. Doesnt seem to be a coherent hierarchy. Font sizes are a mess. Remember you are selling standard templates for customers so, you have to find the good mix between creativity and standards.
  • Spacing has many issues, as well as alignment. Off the flow elements need to have a special purpose in your design to diserve this kind of positionning. Mobile is quite a mess on the demo landing page but YES, this page has to be the same quality as the other parts of the template because it is the first page the envato reviewers and potential customers would see.
  • What you call an advertisement banner is an absolute uglyness (sorry for that, sad but true). Today banners are really pieces of artwork. Nothing like these.
  • Header is bold with a sad navbar. Needs more work
  • Poor features : links dont work, basically demos are clones with variations of the same page. Basic One pagers dont get approved much these times, beside those with an outstanding design quality. Your theme looks like a fashion store, but lacks every single feature of it.

I could still go on like this but i think it is enough. With this kind of product, you wont be approved on ThemeForest. It just has higher (though unclear) standards when it comes to design. Sure that your template could be reworked, but the amount of work needed would therefore inevitably turn it into a brand new product.

Good luck, regards.

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Hi @cssninjaStudio, Your explanation is very clear. I am also suppose to submit a template to Themeforest. Can you please provide your valuable feedback and what are the improvement I need to make?


Your design has less flaws in terms of spacing and alignment although there are still some minor issues, like spacing between titles and icons, porfolio overlay caption vertical alignment etc … However it is not the main point.

Your template cruelly lacks of aesthetics regarding today standards. I mean, look at some approved templates and you will see that you are still miles away from being accepted with this kind of item. Typography is really weak, wether it is the fonts (typeface) or the typography hierarchy. The color scheme is so outdated. You really need to use flashy colors (but the right way) like modern designers do today.

Your demos are clones of the same page with different headers, even multipage is the same page sliced into multiple short pages. This will not be enough in terms of features. You’ve also chosen an overcrowded niche. There are litterally thousands of portfolios templates on TF and, honestly, even if you were approved with this design, you wouldn’t make sales. Some free creative templates still do the job better than yours.

I think it is a time for reflexion, where you need to think about learning real design. You can code a decent template, but ThemeForest is about something else, it is about design. And remember it is a shop forum, not a webdesign forum. Take time to learn more about design, take the time to think about your next product, and take time to craft it.

If you can’t get good at design, at least ask a PSD author to share rights with you, and start converting already cleanly designed templates. Keep working hard and you will get there.


Hi, Thank you for your valuable response @cssninjaStudio. I have one more template designed using bootstrap 3.3.7. If I convert it to BS 4, is it in a standard to submit to TF?

This is a bit better, but what i have said earlier still stands. Typography, colors and general design still need improvement. I mean, it just felt boring when i went through your template. Why ? It is not because it is bad (although one can still do a lot better), it is because i’ve seen millions like this one repeating the same patterns. If you want to sell on ThemeForest, you have to be a pattern setter, not a pattern follower, meaning that you have to bring originality in your design. Why would i event think of buying one of your portfolios when there is such insane competition in this niche?

  • The personal portfolio niche is overcrowded
  • There are tons of outstanding themes already approved
  • Each template offers an incredible number of features

You should really try entering TF from another door. Look at the best selling niches, think, do some math, and start a new template that is not a personal portfolio, or v-card, or resume, or personal whatever.


Design is elegant but it lacks components, you should add some typography page and extra template components for your customer to use. You should also improve the footer a bit, it looks really common for me :sweat_smile: I’m not a template developer but I did see a lot of developers on themeforest following this rule/way of creating templates :grinning:

Thanks for all your suggestions and I will make changes accordingly. :+1:

Thank you. I will be working on it sure!

I have fixed most of typographic issues. I will change the colors in themes and try to add more variations also. Then I will submit it to themeforest. Thanks for all of your support.

Thank you everyone for all your valuable suggestions.