HTML template got Hard rejected. Need help.

Hello there,

My template got hard rejected. I would like to know the reason for same so I can improve it.

Demo URL:

Waiting for some suggestion to be improved upon.

Thanks in advance.

link doesn’t work

still the link doesn’t work, i need the link so i can inspect the site


Also it is a good idea to share the rejection message, but what i saw first i think it is quality standard.

For example:

I’m not pretty sure about the HTML category, but a few years ago i sent files with PHP format and they reject them, so every file must be HTML, of course you can add a PHP file to send the emails.

Hope this may help you a little, regards!

Thanks for sparing your valuable time. Can I improve upon the same template and resubmit?


A hard reject means you can’t resubmit the same item, “but”, you can resubmit if you change enough the design to make it something unique and different.

I recommend you to check the latest approved items on the category you want to upload your product and redesign your idea because there are 2 important things against your design:

1.- The quality standard.
2.- Your product is too similar to existing items.

So you must add unique features and check carefully what needs to be changed, so probably you will spent some weeks refining the design through: typography, icons, colors, features, etc. (if you submit in a couple a days with a few changes there is a 100% chance to get rejected again).