err-too-many-redirects listing

I have started getting an err_too_many_redirects error when trying to access my site from mobile. My site is using Listingpro and the issue only seems to occur with I am using the Mobile X option. The mobile X option redirects mobile users to a custom page. When I use the responsive mode, which probably just wraps the existing page, no problems occur. I prefer to use the Mobile X option for it app-like properties


It may help you to fix please clear(delete) your small devices browser Cookies and clear your website cache (in case of wordpress clear cache from the cache plugin) and check again.


While I did everything you suggested, the fix was quite simple. On the page designated for Mobile X, I removed the Pricing Plan element and the error disappeared. Kind of odd.

I had the same issue after adding a SSL cert and using really simple SSL, it did not change the http to https in URL config, once I add the ā€œsā€ in the URL config in theme options to all pages it fixed it :slight_smile: