Issues with Listing Pro Pricing Plan

Im working with pay plan and free plan for my Listing Pro. The paid submission is set to Yes. Also the payment checkout, payment success and failed is set properly. The issue im experiencing is when i click continue on the pricing plan it redirects me to the same pricing plan page instead of add listing. Also when i set the paid submission to No it allows me to add a listing. Can someone please help me with this issue?

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You can get in touch with your purchase item author @CridioStudio right here as a comments

Hope they will helped.


Hi @CridioStudio

I have 2 issues I will like to share here

  1. Currently having an issue with the pricing plan for the listing pro theme keep redirecting on the same page.

  2. The map is showing Africa which I expect to show Mexico city.

Please I will be waiting for your quick response.

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