ListingPro Theme Issues with Pricing Plan And Other Things

I have tried to contact ListingPro multiple times and I get no response, and I am just stuck here with a non functioning website, I am not sure what to do right now, the pricing plans isnt working, whenever you click any plan it just takes you back to the same page, also Google Maps not properly working. I think there was a menu option as in food menus but I am a bit unclear about how that works, so i am not sure if that is working or not, and one more thing featured ads not sure 100% if that is also working, right now my main focus is to get all of them fixed but mostly the pricing plans because noone can select a plan to add their listing free or paid, it doesnt take you anywhere just back to the same page. I have seen others having this issue, but I have seen no response whatsoever from their side not personally or not even in the comment section to find answers with other people experiencing the same issue.

Its so hard to even speak to anyone and I havent even got a response to say someone is looking into this, I have submitted a ticket with my ftp details and wordpress login info noone has done anything yet or contacted me about this case and the ftp details change every 48 hours so those details wont work now anyway.

They seem to reply to comments quite quickly Discussion on ListingPro - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

When did you submit tickets?

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Whenever you buy an item from the marketplace then your first port of call is to contact the author providing you have purchased the item, and have support in place.

In this case:

Will take you direct to the email author page.

Ultimately the author will be responsible for helping you with this, however there are people on the forum who might be able to help depending on what is going on with your installation. I hope you get this sorted soon!

Hi, thanks for your response, I have tried contacting them multiple times including on their direct site, and I just recentely also added them on facebook, I saw they have a facebook group.

2-3 days ago and have got 0 response, just a response will be good so at least i know they have read my message and I know theyre looking into it, but noone has responded back yet

They do say it can take 1 business day and most authors do not work over weekends so Iā€™d imagine that they will reply tomorrow

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oh ok I didnt know that, well hopefully they do.