Unyson causes Too Many Redirects Error - WOffice Theme

I bought the WOffice theme, implemented it along with the recommended plugins. While I was logged in and configuring things, I seemed to be making progress but then I noticed that i can’t log back in the next day. I had to disable the plugins (rename plugin folder) log in and the reenable the plugins. I went through each plugin one by one and found that Unyson is causing the Too Many Redirects Error.

I found some blogs that have pointed out this specific Unyson error since last year, but I can’t find the solution. Has anyone seen this and is there a fix for this or do I need to move on from WOffice? Is Unyson a requirement to get all the features out of WOffice?


Hello @tcwheeler

You can contact to theme author for more support.

How to contact an author:


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