Tips for Finding Profitable Keyword Ideas Using The Trends & Insights Tab

Tips for Finding Profitable Keyword Ideas Using The Trends & Insights Tab

This weekend I was at an impromptu meetup for microstock creators, and we were discussing how to choose which type of items to create.

One of my favourite things to do is trawl through the “Trends & Insights” tab and dig up what I like to call “Golden Keywords”.

These are keywords which seem like they’re not worth targeting, but could actually be very valuable.

So, I thought it’d be fun to share some of my tips, and perhaps in turn, you might share some of your own tips in the replies :slightly_smiling_face:

Tip 1: Set the data to the last 365 days

You’ll get more accurate data and avoid the spikes of seasonal traffic by selecting the last 365. If you look through data from the last 30 days, it’ll be contaminated with spikes in search volume from recent seasonal events.

Also, by looking at data from the last 365 days, you’ll find more ‘evergreen’ item ideas which are likely to make you money all year round.

Tip 2: Sort the supply from “Low to high”

When you see items listed as “low” in supply, Envato is literally telling you “we need more of this”. Now, just because they’re low in supply doesn’t mean they’re the highest in demand, but Envato is trying to indicate to us that customers do want more.

Browsing through “low” supply items is a great way to find “low hanging fruit”.

Tip 3: Look for keywords with a low search-to-download percentage

When you see a keyword with a low search-to-download ratio, it indicates that the items shown on the results page are the WRONG type of item. In other words, people are searching for something and NOT finding it.

This gives you an opportunity to produce items which better match the customer’s search intent.

I’ll give you a couple of examples (but there are hundreds of these!):

Example 1: “Cheque"

The word “Cheque” has 2k+ results, which might scare you away from trying to make an item for this keyword, but it has a 0.00% search-to-download ratio. This means those 2,000 results are not helpful. So what are users actually looking for?

In this case, users are probably looking for a blank cheque template to print out and use, perhaps as a charity giveaway or prize draw.

“Cheque” is the British spelling for a “check”. But it turns out the word “check” also has a low search-to-download ratio of just 2.2%, most likely indicating the same issue.

Example 2: “Bill Board”

“Billboard mockup” and “billboard mock up” are massive search terms with search-to-download ratios above 50%. But the keyword “bill board” has a a search-to-download ratio of 0.00%.

Why? Because the search results show “bills” (aka invoices) instead of the billboard mockup that the user is looking for.

This is low hanging fruit for an author with a billboard mockup. By simply adding the keyword “bill board” to the item’s tags and description, they could easily capture more downloads.

Which leads me to…

Tip 4: Use Trends & Insights to Optimise Tags

Before you submit an item for approval, put the main keyword into Trends & Insights and see if any keyword variations pop up. If they do, add them to your tags, or at the very least add them to your item description.

For example, looking again at “Billboards” we can see that adding the words ““city, outdoor, street” to the item’s metadata could help the item show up for more searches. There is zero risk to doing this.

If your English writing skills aren’t great, paste the keywords you’ve found into ChatGPT and ask it to write a 50 word product description which includes them all. It does a great job!

Tip 5: Cross-Reference Results With GraphicRiver

After you’ve identified the keywords which look like they’re worth making items for, cross-reference them with items on Graphicriver.

GraphicRiver shows public sales data, so you can get a really good idea of whether an item will make you money.

Let’s look again at the keyword “Cheque” which on Elements has a search-to-download ratio of 0%, but on GraphicRiver we can see the 2 bestsellers have a total of 337 sales!

At $4 a pop, that’s $1,348 in revenue over its lifetime! Definitely a keyword worth making an item for!

I hope you enjoyed these tips, I’d love to hear if you have any tips for researching new and profitable keywords :slight_smile:


Great tips. Thanks for putting this together!

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I hope people fine them helpful! :smiley:

@BrandPacks This is a great article - thanks for sharing it!

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Well, we tried to give the marketplace what it wants :man_shrugging:

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