Top Elements Item Opportunities – February 2022

Do you have items for these popular searches? :heart_eyes:

We’ve identified a number of trending searches on Elements and we need you to help us meet the current demand! To find out if you have the items our customers are looking for, take a look at these trending searches

A key thing to note for this month’s edition: We are continuing to see ‘Metaverse’ and ‘NFTs’ trend in search on Elements, yet we have a small library of content for these two terms.

This is a trend that will continue to grow, so we are interested to know if you have any content that you could contribute to this category? Or, is it something you would consider creating content for?

Let us know :slight_smile:



Because on VH authors are making decent money for single downloads.
Everyone, except Envato, know that customers like to spend money for cool stuff, so why putting this items on EE?
If it doesnt sell on VH then it makes sense, but people normally prefer to make 15$ from one download rather than from 1000s.
But dont worry it’s just a matter of time before EE will be flooded with NFT templates.

Hi, @bethanyg3
It’s very interesting if you already mention what customers are looking for and what is popular. Does anyone check how the “popular” filter works? I mean mainly video templates because that’s what I do on a daily basis, so that’s what interests me. Please see, this is the front page of popular projects when it comes to After Effects. Does it not seem strange to anyone? See also other categories … eg Motion Graphics and sort by “popular”.


@bethanyg3 Another thing is Envato Author Dashboard and the Trends & Insights tab. How does this relate to reality? “NFT” or “METAVERSE” is nowhere to be found in this table. If this data has nothing to do with what is trending now and what customers are looking for, what is it for?

Hi, @_miko I can help with this one.

The Top Search Terms feature is purely looking at search volume over the last 28 days, and as such does not yet identify all emerging trends unless they’re super obvious (like valentine in your example above).

This is a feature that we are actively working to improve in the near future so we can bubble up more trends, quickly, while also helping to identify content gaps.

Looking forward to getting this feature to you as soon as possible. And in the meantime, if you’ve not yet seen it we’ve also made some recent improvements to the item performance features in the dashboard, allowing you to identify emerging trends within your portfolio.


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Something coming :wink:

Hey @_miko It’s great to see you are taking advantage of all of the tools available to you to keep across what is performing well!

You are right, our popular filter won’t show you the same kind of insights that digging into the data will. This example does seem a little confusing by the way and I’m actually going to log that with our team as it doesn’t seem right.

As @Jimmy_J mentioned, we are continuing to add more insights and information to the Author Dashboard, which would include the kind of info contained in this article, In the meantime, we still want you to have access to insights on emerging trends, which the popular filter on Elements and the search volume trends report in the Author Dashboard don’t currently display.

How we choose what to feature in the article: This article purely picks emerging trends, based on what is being searched for in Elements. These trends don’t have the highest search volume when compared to things like ‘christmas’ or ‘valentines day’, but when we look at how many people are searching these emerging trends, compared to how much content we currently have in our library for them, we see them as a big opportunity for Authors. As they have the opportunity to contribute content to a small, but popular library of assets.

@Jimmy_J thanks for the clarification.
@bethanyg3 Ok, got it, thanks for the explanation.

@bethanyg3 It’s been a long time since we covered this topic, and page 2 of popular projects (AE and PP) looks like this:

I think there is still something wrong … ??


@bethanyg3 @BenLeong @Jimmy_J
Please check what this topic looks like because in my opinion the situation is the same all the time. Nothing has changed. All the time, the 2nd page of After Effects and Premiere Pro projects looks confusing.

@bethanyg3 , @BenLeong , @Jimmy_J anybody?
Anyone interested in this at all?

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