Search trends in Elements Motion Graphics items (Oct 2021)

Hi all! This one’s for all the Motion Graphics authors out there, while you’re busily working on new items to take advantage of the Triple Earnings promotion… :wink:

@bethanyg3 has compiled a list of trending searches in the Motion Graphics category, looking for topics that have high customer demand and comparatively low supply on Elements. We’d love to see more content in each of these areas, as we know there are customers looking for these items.

This article features some great content from @steve314, @FlashMovie, @MacroLogic, @3DAnimals and @2ragon.

We’ve also added some suggested tags for each area. These come from our search data, and show some of the ways that customers describe the items they’re looking for. When you upload new items for the trending search areas, we recommend adding some of these tags where they’re relevant to your content.

We’d love to make these articles as relevant as possible, to help you maximise your earnings on Elements. If you have any feedback on the article or suggestions about what you’d like to see more of in future, please let us know!