Video Templates - Customer search trends (Oct 2021)

If you produce Video Templates for Elements, we’ve prepared an article that highlights recent search trends - from Instagram and Tik Tok to breaking news, and featuring some great content from JustaMotion, Metalistic, @_miko, @VersaStock and @CG-COVER.

The trends listed in this article are based on customer search data on Elements, and the number of items available for those searches - highlighting areas that provide a good opportunity to maximise your earnings.

We’ve also added some suggested tags for each area. These come from our search data, and show some of the ways that customers describe the items they’re looking for. When you upload new items for the trending search areas, we recommend adding some of these tags where they’re relevant to your content.

Please check it out, and let us know what information you’d find valuable to know in future. These articles are designed to help you identify customer demand for new items, so we’d love to hear from you - help us to keep evolving this series, so we can make it more useful for you.

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