TikTok deleted my music

Hi. I uploaded a TikTok Video with this music: Descargar Corporativa motivacional Upbeat Música libre de derechos de autor

TikTok deleted the sound.

What is wrong ? What should i do now ?


These pretty much cover everything…

The last one relates to it happening on YouTube, but the process should be relatively similar on Tik Tok with regards to what to provide and where to find it etc.

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Hi, did not understand what you mean, what are the steps i have to follow ?

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I have the right to use the music if i pay the yearly plan of envato ? I download the music putting tiktok as license

I don’t find a contact form to contact Envato, really frustrating

You need to contact Tik Tok as they’re the ones that have removed the music. There’s a link to a counter claim you can make in the Tik Tok explanation of how it works when copyrighted materials are removed.

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Thanks so much, now I understood. Have a wonderful week.


Hi Lisset,

Did you achieve something with tik tok? It is happening to me too and I don’t see where I can dispute about license music.

Thanks in advance!


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У меня та же проблема. Есть смысл платить за Element Envato если ТикТок удаляет эту музыку?

I have the same problem. Does it make sense to pay for Element Envato if TikTok removes this music?

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This also just happened to me on the first video we uploaded to TikTok. I can see no way in TikTok to lodge a response. It does make me question the value of Envato.

I made about 40 videos to start a new Tiktok channel, It took me 50 days to done, Today I start the channel and first video goes to mute & the reason is Copyright, I spent long times and efforts, Envato you must respond for this you can’t just watch, What you are doing is against the law, and we will take action against this silence if it continues, Please respond

This is the form to dispute the claim https://www.tiktok.com/legal/report/counternotification
I have no idea how fast they are compared to YouTube in releasing claims.

I don’t understand why you would take legal actions against Envato. Envato sells a license that gives you the right to use the music, if another private company (like TikTok or Facebook) decides it will not accept external music that is not in its library, this is not something that Envato can control.

I understand the frustration though, a few months ago I started my TikTok channel to advertise my music and the first video with my track was muted! So I started to distribute my stock music to both TikTok and Instagram libraries, so customers will find them there too. I see many authors are doing it and it’s probably the best way to reduce the friction and improve the licensing experience.