This is why we need ID verification and why is audiojungle overwhelmed with new songs.

Recently I found a couple of profiles that I’m sure are breaking the rules. First, as far as I know, it is not allowed for one author to have two or more non-ecclusive. Secondly, as far as I know, it is not allowed to make small changes to the song and upload it to other profiles.

Example, here is what I found so you can judge for yourself.

I found some more of them yesterday and I have reported it, I only got an automated message from envato support. The thing is, this fake profiles are getting money and customers, Average sales per profile are 30-200 because those I found are relatively new, but if you multiply the sales with the numbers of fake accounts those numbers are getting pretty high.

I think this is not at all fair to other authors and is extremely unacceptable. I hope that the time will come when the rules that the envato has set up will be respected.


Some months ago i found three exclusives profiles selling the same tracks. Not all the tracks, but enoughs.
I reported, the tracks were deleted, but not the profiles, the three are still online.
Somebody must take this seriously.


I agree with you, that’s not fair to authors who work hard and who are active. What would it be if we all started to do that… :confused:


Envato “spit” on topics of this nature… I also sent complaints. reactions - zero.

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There’s nothing in the rules about not being able to have multiple accounts, so ID verification would just prove the person is who they say they are… it wouldn’t stop multiple accounts or multiple instances of the same track. If you see duplicates across more than one portfolio, or in the same portfolio, you should report them to support.

I am interested in the punishment for such deception. Why “deceivers” do not block?

The punishment will probably be decided on a case by case basis. If they’ve done something wrong that is!

I have multiple accounts too, one exclusive and one non-exclusive. But here’s what this is about:
This author make a song with full arrangement, mix/master. Than he changes the chords or the melody with the same structure of the song ( same kick, same clap, same mix/master etc… ) then the author upload the song as the new but on the another profile. Then he repeat the process for each song and for multiple accounts. Deleting some items doesn’t sound like a good enough punishment/compensation.


And I forgot to say there are more of them, envato should make a team that will prevent this in the future.

How do you know they haven’t got a team that prevent this in the present?

How do you know they have a team that prevent this in the present?


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Hey SpaceStock,

I was always under the impression that you were allowed to have 1 exclusive and 1 non-exclusive and that multiple non-exclusives was actually forbidden in the TOS. Is this not the case?



I think you’re right. @RobertReid

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@SpaceStockFootage told us on another thread that it is totally legal to have several accounts, even several exclusive accounts (which totally baffled me!!)

I don’t. But saying they should have something indicates that you don’t think they already have that thing!

Yes, exactly! Just to emphasize what I have really targeted, a team that works alone without the reports of other authors.

I read that the author is only allowed to have one exclusive and one non-exclusive account. Nothing more than that.

You’ve made an interpretation on the rules there. They don’t say you’re only allowed to have one exclusive and one non-exclusive account. They say you are allowed to have an exclusive account and a non-exclusive account… there’s nothing indicating you can’t have more than one of each.

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That’s what I meant to say, thank you for the correction. But the author is not allowed to have 2 exclusive ( non-exclusive ) accounts or more.