I produce much faster than AJ reviewing period! :(

I have so many tracks to submit to AJ, but I’m frustrated because I’m only able to submit 5 tracks a time, and it takes several weeks for these 5 tracks to be reviewed!

If it takes 30 days to approve 5 tracks, then it’s gonna take forever to upload my stuff here!
If this is the case, how do people here have grown large portfolios?
What if I have a huge bunch of tracks to submit, what are my options and what am I missing here?

Also is there is a difference between an Exclusive and Non-Exclusive account in terms of review period?

You can try in other stock markets.

Thanks for the tip but I’m posting this here because I want to grow my AJ accounts! :smile:

There are no other options, wait for the tracks to be checked. All the authors are waiting, just like you, and all have many of tracks.



Not sure your math is correct here.

Just by way of example, say you have 5 tracks and you upload them all in one day. If review time is 13 days, you can repeat the procedure in 13 days, assuming review time stays steady.

So it’s really 10 tracks per month, at least according to today’s queue time.


And that, if all tracks are accepted. :wink:

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Summing up, as Blur once said…


Wooww you surely have a lot of “inspiration” to produce many tracks in short time :wink:


Once you unlock the elite author badge you will be able to have 10 music tracks in the reviewing queue.

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Alright! that explains why some people seem to release more tracks in less period of time than others!

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You sure are one agile composer! Don’t let the review times keep you from producing. Believe me you will eventually have slower creative periods or simply won’t have enough time and a backup batch of tracks will come handy.

Good luck!


I am jealous :slight_smile:
My current problem is that I produce at a much slower pace than the AJ review period…

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Don’t be, what’s more important than productivity in any business is consistency, and to me remaining consistent and motivated this is highly challenging.

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any composer and / or studio will say it: we do not compose / mix / mastering a title in 1 day!
If you do, be sure it’s sh…t

We must let the mix (and especially the ears), come back later with a new freshness.

and do not tell me that you do 5 mixes a day, let it rest, etc. … Given the rhythm of some here, you mix your ears with several compositions.

better to do less but quality, with time to put the mix well, work well mastering … that do everything in machine gun but offer nothing of quality.

I come to tell myself that the delay of review is long to avoid this precisely.

and to become elite does not mean to propose 3000 very average titles, but 10 super good titles which will be sold en masse.

So I prefer your rythm, FrozenJazz ! : D

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You are right!
But currently I am really slow… I don’t even fill my own review queue… :slight_smile:

But me it’s just that:
1- I am tired of the “too many” hard rejects.
2- I returned to my first love. the album / listening music.

I am working on compositions and will place my future album on crowfunding sites; If there is success, digital distribution, streaming, physical CD, etc. …

It’s just that the project goes to the end, and it’s not won: D


Hello Everybody,

I saw that PhotoDune REQUIRES MIN. 50+(!) photos monthly,
and if I compare that to AudioJungle’s MAX. 5 per month, it’s… well, not what I expected.

I don’t know how much easier or faster to take and process photos than producing mixed+mastered music,
but I still feel there is something could be fixed here.

And I’m also seeing that this so called Corporate genre is probably the most popular, and if I’m honest, it is also one of the easiest to produce genres, and I think if I would need more than a day to produce a simple palm muted electric guitar / electric guitar harmonics style corporate track, than I would think that I’m too slow. I don’t think we need a few days to get fresh ears for mixing / mastering. I think we need only a few minutes, and I’m not talking about mindset (“worked-all-day-late-night-mindset” VS. “wake-up-early-in-the-morning-and-being-fresh-mindset”).

Maybe Envato should hire MOOOOORE AudioJungle reviewers or something? :slight_smile:
Why don’t they?

Do AudioJungle REALLY get that many bad uploads?

I agree with limitation, but I think 5 is still a bit too low for about 14 days review time.

Anyways, I’m interested, what do you think?

Thank you, and have a nice day!

(PS. Not for bragging, just reasoning:
I’m fully aware of that I’m pretty far from quality compared to some of the best sellers on AudioJungle,
but my simple corporate style tracks are accepted in about 4 out of 5 ratio,
also about 90% of them has at least 1 sale.
Making simple corporate tracks daily is not that magical, and I think everybody know that.
Now I’m thinking about some YouTubers who upload videos every single day, even a simpler vlog style video with some simple background music (like the “simple corporate” style), they manage to do it every single day, and I think this daily uploading wouldn’t make AudioJungle worse, but just have more sales, and also other Authors would have higher change to sell their stuff, because the daily vloggers won’t want to buy the same Top Seller music from a front page every time when they need some background music from AudioJungle.)

(PS. #2: I might be wrong about something, if so please let me know, because just I want to learn as much as any of us here. Thank you)

The issue of upload limits to the AJ marketplace is to ensure that the reviewers are able to approve high quality tracks. Hard rejections need to ensure that audio quality is high to make this site competitive. Authors who view that a basic corporate track will ensure great success for themselves will be sorely disappointed. The top sellers list exist for a reason in that each of these tracks are royalty - free “classics” and will endure a long shelf life. The authors brand has been established and will be recognised by buyers which will assist new releases by these authors. These corporate tracks have been a problem for authors like me as I cannot do them. I have tried on several occasions but they are too difficult for me. The big problem I see is that the marketplace is bulging with these “compositions” and when a genre is over-saturated, the author then games the system and switches the originally assigned category to a different unrelated one in hope that the track will sell there which completely ruins these categories for everyone else. Oh and a title change using the trusted update facility will really mess things up for buyers. So in conclusion an upload limit is vital for Audio Jungle. I personally would employ an upload limit of 3 tracks per week for authors who have been on the site for less than 12 months and possibly remove the ability to change titles and switch categories via trusted update facility.

P.S The reviewers are doing a great job.


(Now I am reading back my finished reply to You, and as a plain text it looks and feels a bit “attacking”, but it’s not meant to be like that at all, please don’t take anything personally, and I might sound like a smarta**, but I’m just writing what pops in my mind after reading your reply to me, actually I like your idea about the 3 tracks-per-week-thing!)

At first I hated corporate style, I couldn’t do it too, but in my humble opinion it doesn’t matter if I like a job, or not, this is not art to me, it is a job to me that I’m trying to do as best as I can, and the most efficient as I can, meaning creating the best quality in the shortest amount of time I can, and I think whoever thinks being fast is lazy, I think they are the lazy ones, because they don’t take time to improve themselves or improve on their workflow, so they can crank out a bunch of tracks in a short time. Please don’t take this personally at all, I’m just writing now what comes to my mind after reading your comment, which I think has good ideas,

for example that 3 tracks per week upload limit, I would vote for that too! Because it would mean already 1 more upload per 2 weeks which is usually AudioJungle’s review time, and as you said the author’s abilities (for ex. upload limit) should increase over time… over time might work, but maybe I would add over something else too, maybe approval/rejection ratio too.

For example if somebody is uploading 12 tracks for 4 weeks, and non of them are approved, then he will stay at the default 3 tracks per week upload limit,
on the other hand if another person is uploading 12 tracks for 4 weeks, and let’s say 10 of 12 tracks gets approved, then he/she should get an “upload-limit-raise” or something, so from now on this another person can upload let’s say 4 tracks per week,
and if he/she keeps the good approval/rejection ratio, then another 4 weeks later he/she can upload 5 tracks PER WEEK (and not per usually-around-2-weeks-review-time), and so on.

If somebody here thinks that there is a problem with this idea, please let me know, I want to learn and understand, and be a helpful part of this community. :slight_smile:

absolutely, do not take anything here personnal.

in my case. I compose, I mix, I masterise … If done the same day, my ears accustomed to the same sound from beginning to end, I will say that the result is good. So I can broadcast it right away. Error.

How many times have I left the piece aside. Listened (or composed) something else. Then I come back on this song. and there, the drama. It’s not bad, but it’s not good either.

How many times do I read here softs or hards rejects which end up having as reason that there is a problem of mix? A lot.

Of course not all rejections are necessarily for this reason.
That’s why I say that 5 (or more) music per week can be too much. you create quickly? good ? I do not doubt for a moment. Since it’s not the quality of the music that I judge. just the fact that taking the time between mixing and mastering often avoids many surprises.

to be sure you understand, do you prefer to make love 5 or 10 times very quickly without going into details or just one or two times longer being very concious?
The answer of your partner?

to create music is to make love with notes. so 10 times poorly done, for me, it’s no. Once done very well (and I will call my title “7th heaven”) for me is important. : D

Another thing: we often hear about the review time too long. with 10 titles per week and per user we will saturate the demand.

3 looks good to me. And it could unclog the queue. And allow us to spend more time on each music.