This has been a terrible experience - Clipboard add-on in UnCode theme

My security software tells me your software it a problem… …

WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard < 4.5.6 - Subscriber+ Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

Your site is hard to figure out how to get the update…

I am not the one who made the website just trying to uipdate it… and we followed the links and paid for wpbaker… But not it looks like we paid for the wrong thing. This is such a cluster …

we got a PDF that has this link in it,

( we got the code and it didn’t work )
but now I think we need to have gotten
[Uncode - Creative & WooCommerce WordPress Theme by undsgn | ThemeForest]
(Uncode - Creative & WooCommerce WordPress Theme by undsgn | ThemeForest)

To fix this…
Should I have the site owner put a stop in the charge card ? Or can this be fixed…
And how can I get this done… ?

My customer who just paid for this is using the login " ferrella "

Please Help

try to contact the author of the Uncode theme and ask him how to update the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. You can use item comments section for that:

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Note that the vulnerability is from a WPBakery addon named “Clipboard”, rather than WPBakery itself. The plugin can be found here: WPBakery Page Builder Clipboard by bitorbit | CodeCanyon

If this plugin was bundled with your theme, definitely reach out to the author of Uncode as they will need to update it for you.

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