WPBakery Page Builder Security Issue

ManageWP alerted me to a security threat on one of my sites. It says WPBakery Page Builder versions prior to 6.4.1 have an Authenticated Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). Info here: https://wpscan.com/vulnerability/10422.

My site has WPBakery 6.2.0 and I cannot see anyway inside the WordPress admin dashboard to upgrade this plugin.

QUESTION. How do I upgrade WP Bakery Page Builder plugin from 6.2.0 to 6.4.1 (or most current version)?

A few days ago I sent a support ticket to Eventerra - Event / Conference WordPress Theme through my ThemeForest login: https://themeforest.net/item/eventerra-event-conference-wordpress-theme/15717811/support. No reply.

What can I do please?

Hi @mopc76 could you please help your purchaser ?

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Hey @SeashoreWebServices , I didn’t receive any request from you regarding this issue via our support forum or email. Please, create a topic on our support forum and I’ll help you.

Hello @mopc76, thank you for your reply. I didn’t purchase your plugin directly, rather it came bundled with a theme I purchased. I submitted my support ticket to Eventerra - Event / Conference WordPress Theme through my ThemeForest. I don’t know how to submit a ticket to you direct or your forum.

Hi @SeashoreWebServices, mopc76 is not the WPBakery plugin author. they are the Eventerra theme author and you have received the WPBakery plugin as a plugin bundle with the theme. So, you should to open support ticket into mopc76 support forum from here:

from the above page click on ‘Go to item support’, it will take you to their support form and you can open a support ticket there.


Thank you for the explanation. I just visited item support per your directions and submitted my questions. Have a great day!

Hello, it’s been a week and I’ve not received a reply. Can you assist me in any way here to get through to the WPBakery plugin author support? I just don’t know what else to do… Thank you.

for getting the plugin author support you have to purchase the WPBakery plugin directly from the plugin author in envato codecanyon. without purchase the plugin the plugin author will not support you.

Okay but I just don’t understand as this plugin came bundled with my theme purchase. Eventerra theme - they can’t bundle a product and then leave me with a security issue can they? Can I attach the READ_ME.htm file here from my original purchase in case it helps?

In forum no one will be bale to help you. you have to get in touch with your purchased theme author and ask them support. you can use the theme comments features to let them know that you need support.

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Hello again - on Nov 9 I opened a support ticket with Eventerra theme author using the link provided above but no answer yet. Can you help me get through to Eventerra support?

have you posted any comments in the theme comments page? you can try through comments.