WPBakery Bundle Install and Update

Trying to contact the author of WPBakery Bundle (Success theme). We purchased a new version of the plugin to update from WPBakery 5.0 to 6.05. Can I just delete the original page builder and theme and install the new versions?

You need to be careful - if the theme came with the plugin then it’s very possible that the theme author has customised the plugin in some way to suit the theme - you need to check this first

Thank you for the reply. I’m trying to be careful and not do anything until I have an answer. The system they have for support takes you in circles. WP Bakery says to contact the theme author. The theme author seems to be a secret. Hopefully, I’ll get an answer from someone or I’ll be asking for a refund.

In the mean time you can post a commnets in theme commnets and let the author know that you need their support. Hope theme auhtor will assist you as quickly they can. Thanks