Updating Plugin: WPBakery Page Builder

I got The Voux Theme from Fuel Themes, but the plug in WPBakery Page Builder is not updating. I don´t need support, only the UPDATE. Any one can Help me?

If WPBakery Page Builder is included into a theme that you’ve purchased, you can’t update this plugin if you don’t have license for WPBakery. This mean, you need to buy a license for WPBakery plugin.

Of course, WPBakery and other plugins (if there are more of them, like Slider Revolution) will work fine and you don’t need to buy additional license.

But, when there is a new version of WPBakery (this is your case), you can’t update it until the theme author does not update the theme and version of WPBakery which is included in theme.

On other side, you can buy license for WPBakery (to activate it) and to have the latest version (easy update - no wait for theme author update) but that also can be a problem - what if the latest version of WPBakery is not compatible with your theme? In that case, you still need to wait until the author update the theme.

The problem that the WPBakery Page Builder is not working fine and the post is openig in a blank window. Fuel Themes don´t response to me whats the problem because I don´t have the support, but I don´t need a support just the theme and WPBakery Page Builder working togheter.
In that case I need someone who pass for the same what I´m passing tru.
Thank you for your help.

You need to wait for theme update. After that, search for js_composer.zip in theme folder.

Remove old plugin via wp-admin panel and install it again.