Subject: Urgent Support Request for Theme Issue on WordPress Site

Dear Support Team,
I am writing to express my concern and disappointment regarding the lack of support I have received for the theme installed on my WordPress site. I have a remaining three months of paid support, and I reached out via email last Friday to report an issue I encountered with my theme.

The specific issue I am facing relates to the wpbakerybuilder plugin. When attempting to update it, I received a notification stating that if I obtained the app with a theme, I should contact the theme author for assistance. Consequently, I promptly reached out to the theme author, but I have not yet received a response.

In an effort to resolve the issue, I proceeded to purchase a license for wpbakerybuilder and successfully updated the plugin. However, despite the update, the problem persists. Given the urgency of the situation, I am deeply disappointed with the level of support I have received thus far.

I kindly request your immediate attention and assistance in resolving this matter. As a paying customer with an active support subscription, I expected a more timely and effective response. I rely on your expertise to help me rectify the issue promptly, as it is affecting the functionality and performance of my website.

I appreciate your urgent intervention and support in resolving this matter. Please treat this request with the utmost urgency, as I am in critical need of assistance.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to your prompt response.
The screen shots illustrate the issue. On the one page I cannot access WPBakerbuilder and that page will no save the tempate I have set and reverts back to this with the side area over lapping the page, When I try to edit it is just stays at the “default” and will not save “boxed home” or any other layout.



What was the theme?

What is actually wrong that the update is required to fix?

It’s not uncommon for authors to not respond over weekends.

Buying your own license may solve it but at the same time if the plugin has been customised to the theme then that could create other challenges.

Unfortunately no one in the forums is going to be able to help with this and you will need to talk to the author. Depending on how you tried to contact them you could try support, item comments, or via their profile


Thank you for your reply and understanding. I apologize for my frustration; I’ve been dealing with this issue for some time now. The theme I am using is Senior Care, and I am encountering a specific problem when setting the page link as the main WooCommerce shop.

The issue lies in the template settings for that page, which fail to save correctly, resulting in a default layout with sidebars overlapping the content. Furthermore, WPBakery Builder is no longer available for that specific page, as seen in the attached screenshots.

Comparing the top bar in both screenshots, you can clearly see that the WPBakery Builder editor is available, except on the WooCommerce main shop page where it is missing. The layout is perfect when the page is initially created and viewed, but as soon as I designate it as the main WooCommerce page, the side panels appear, causing the layout to break.

I have been diligently searching for a solution, and I understand that support teams do not typically work on weekends. I was hoping someone in the forums could provide assistance during this time. However, I have yet to find a resolution.

At this point, I am contemplating creating a new site using a different, simpler theme and testing the functionality there. Unfortunately, I am unable to do so since I already purchased a WPBakery Builder license for this website. The pressure is mounting, as I am now in the fourth week of this project. Originally, we had a Shopify site, but due to the high costs associated with their wholesale section, I decided to switch to WooCommerce, leveraging my 15+ years of experience with WordPress. However, this persistent issue has become increasingly frustrating.

I appreciate your understanding and any assistance you can provide. If you have any suggestions or further guidance, please let me know. I am eager to find a resolution and move forward with the project.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

I do not see a theme by this name - do you mean this one? Lovecare - Senior Care WordPress Theme by SmartDataSoft | ThemeForest

Subject: Re: Compatibility Issue with Senior | Health and Medical Care WordPress Theme - Seeking Further Suggestions


Thank you for your response and for providing additional details. I apologize for any confusion caused in my previous message. I appreciate your support and understanding throughout this process.

I am currently working with the support team on resolving the compatibility issue with the Senior | Health and Medical Care WordPress Theme. While they are providing assistance, I wanted to reach out to the forum for any potential ideas or suggestions that could help expedite the resolution.

The support team has already suggested a few fixes, but unfortunately, the initial suggestion of disabling a plugin did not resolve the issue. I suspect that the conflict may be related to WooCommerce since the problem only arises when the page is set as the main WooCommerce product page within the main WooCommerce settings. Prior to designating it as the main product page, it appears with the side panels and without access to WPBakery Builder. However, when I remove it as the main product page, the layout returns to normal, allowing me to save the page layout template.

If anyone in the forum has encountered a similar issue or has any insights into potential solutions, I would greatly appreciate your input. Time is of the essence, as I am eager to ensure that the website functions flawlessly with WooCommerce, which is essential for the project.

Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to any suggestions you may have.

Best regards,


the author @Aislin seems to reply very fast to item comments so maybe leave a message there

Thank you so much. They have actually already solved the problem. I really apprecieate your timely response. This solved the issue in case anyone else encounters the same issue:

Please add this custom CSS code to Theme Options/Styling/Custom CSS;

.post-type-archive-product .wh-content-inner {
width: 100%;

.post-type-archive .wh-sidebar {

Warm regards,