WPBakery Not Working

WPBakery no longer works on my site and my 6 month support ran out before it could be fixed. It is an issue with changes in coding to the plugin according in the Salient Theme according to the developer:



We checked it further and the issue is because the theme author has modified the page builder plugin. The plugin used at your end is “Salient WPBakery Page Builder” which is not our standard page builder plugin and is a customised version which is causing the issue.

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WPBakery Team

How do I solve this? Here is the link to my original ticket: https://themenectar.ticksy.com/ticket/2091631/

Website: http://gettysburgfestivalofraces.com/

Image of WPBakery not loading:


Contact with your purchase item author @wpbakery right here as a comments

Or Item support


I did contact the WPBakery author as you have suggested. Since the plugin has been modified in the Salient Theme, they cannot fix the issue except by the Theme Author of Salient.

yes you are right Salient theme are using a modified version of WPBakery plugin. So, in this case you have to contact Salient theme author and let them know.

Also please make sure you are the latest version theme and WPBakery plugin (from Salient theme bundle plugins).

How to contact an author:


Thank you! Just sent an email.