Using WBBakery Page Builder for 2 years. Purchased standalone version which worked fine for 2 years. Updated Bridge Theme also from Theme forest and now the page builder works sporadically. Sometimes its fine and other times its unusable. When trying to use the text editor the edit page does not open to use. I have also deleted and reinstalled page builder.


You need to ask in their support area. Being a member for over 2 years, you should know better. Nobody hangs out in the public forums to solve issues in other peoples products.

WPBakery is a top author, pretty sure you will get good support if you contacted their support channels :+1:t5:

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Well thanks my friend… the reality is that this is my FIRST issue with ANYTHING related so I don’t know the protocol as well as you. You apparently have HAD many issues with the products because you are clueless which warrants a ton of support and hence you know the protocol. Sorry to bother you bro