Help with Salient WP Bakery Page Builder Plugin by Michael M.

Hello! Can someone help me figure this out, please? We had someone else managing our site at one point so I don’t know a ton about it things from the beginning. BUT I do know that Michael M. is the author of the plugin (Salient WP Bakery Page Builder) used on our site now and it’s not working properly and I just need to know WHY?

It was working perfectly, then it wasn’t. I already deactivated it, deleted and added it back in. It shows back up BUT the site content is still above it in HTML and the Page builder is below it empty. Please help.


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

This is your item support

From Author of @ThemeNectar contact with them they will provide you best support cause they are most expert on their theme.

you can get knowledge about WPbakery page builder

How to contact any Item Author

If they ask about purchase key then collect from Here

Still have any question open a Envato help ticket from Here


Salient theme has used WP Bakery Page Builder but with the Salient theme own style mean Salient theme Author has customized the WP Bakery Page Builder for using especially for Salient theme. So The best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Theme Author.


I dont understand how to do that

This is becoming a ridiculous circle where I am spending money with a ton of people. I was told Themeforest Themenectar was the author is that not who I have contacted?

yes please contact Salient theme Author @ThemeNectar hope they will help you to fix it.

Yes you have to contact with your item author who can guide you to solved your issues.
Envato forum giving guidance where you can get help how that’s it.
We are not Envato team member and your issue solution isn’t our responsibility.
You must have to contact with valid member who are involved with your item.

Sorry, I just realized you were not who I thought you were when I responded to you!! I apologize again. I have been going around all morning trying to figure this out and thought you were someone else. Thank you for your time and response!

I’m sorry again for my previous response. When your response came in I thought you were from the actual person who was responsible so again my apologies! It was just a mix up.

I appreciate everyones help either way. Thank you for your time today!

you are always welcome in Forum. If you need any assist you can share in forum and forum community will try best to give you guideline and also if possible to give you solution. But really sorry to say for this issues you have to contact theme Auhtor to get a solution. Link provided previous reply how to get contact with the theme Author. Very Happy New Year