Updating WPBakery Visual Composer Problem

I don’t know if I am posting this in the right spot, but I purchased Avada the other day and it looks like it came with Visual Composer by WPBakery. I am trying to update that and the site is saying that it came with the theme, so the author has to update that for me. Is this true, if so, how do I go about updating that?

Or is there a way to do this myself?

Any help is appreciated.

Whenever you receive a plugin bundled with a theme, the theme author is responsible for providing you with any plugin updates, as you technically/legally do not own a license for that plugin yourself.

Whenever a theme update is released, authors usually also include the most current versions of all bundled plugins, so you simply need to check if a general theme update is available.

This WP Bakery failed update causing trouble to my Traveler Theme as slowing down and sometimes unresponsive.

I wish they send update the soonest possible time to resolve this issue.

Hello @JMIANO1981

For theme issues and support, please contact the theme author in the comments section and he will guide you further with the update:

Thank you!

I think there is a difference between REPLY and POST… don’t you think?

Yes, definitely. But posting everywhere around the same question in the forums will definitely not lead to the expected answer.

As already mentioned, the theme author can help you better than us with the theme update :wink: