Cant Update The7 WPBakery Page Builder V6.1

Hi Guys,

in have a Problem to Update The7 WPBakery Page Builder to Version 6.1 in my The7 Theme. Automatic update is not available.

So, my WPBakery Version is and Thats why on my Page no Content is?

Could some one tell me whats the Problem is?

You don’t get auto updates with bundled plugins

That theme is but a very reputable author so I would expect the latest version of the theme to include an update to WP Bakery

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Thanks for your Help. :slight_smile:

I would expect too, Normally all updates worked automatically.

But this time I got the message “Bakery Update available”. I clicked on update, then an error occurred and the message “automatic update not available for this update” appeared.

Typically any plugin that comes with a theme requires the theme author to update it.

It’s possible (theme dependent) that the author has added a way to do it automatically via the admin but @Dream-Theme will be able to advise