There is an author, selling my (stolen) items at AJ :-)

Hi! I was searching for some sound effects recently, and stumbled across my item, being sold by another author here. I was shocked. Started to browse his portfolio, and found a lot more of my items, mixed in packs with others (stolen from other people, for sure). Have you, guys, seen something similar before? If so, could you please advice me something? It’s so sad and frustrating situation. It feels so unfair to see my work in the portfolio of other author, and all of it has sales. Please, help me.

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Report him, submit a request ticket here:


Report him by mailing to Envato Team!. Then find the guy and punch him in the face…


Thanks. Already did this. But it turned out to be much more complicated. Now i need to do a huge amount of work, submitting “DMCA takedown notices” for every item. Isn’t it unfair? :slight_smile: Someone makes a portfolio of stolen things, does nothing, makes money, and now i should do a lot of work to just stop it. I suspect i won’t get any money for his sales. So what’s the point? Now I’m not sure if It’s worth it :frowning:


I’m pretty sure that Envato will delete his account when they take action. If he can not prove that he owns his stuff then there is nothing to worry about

Sure, they will. But the process is too time consuming. Now i need to wait till I’ll have so much time to write all of those DMCA notices.

Don’t bother then.

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Wait… you are not going to bother?

That means, he will get a slap on the wrist and get away with it.
Time consuming yes, but he STOLE your items.

Personally i would track him down via social media… hire a detective if neccesary, find out where he lives… travel to his country and locate where he works, eats and drinks, and find his house. then i would follow him for 6 months and find out who his friends are, his family, his strong points and weaknesses… and then i would buy pepperspray, a plastic bag, a donkey and lots of rope, and then loaded with these items i would walk up to his house, ring the doorbell, wait till he comes to the front door…
I would then start to feel and feed the anger with JUST THINKING ABOUT HOW HE STOLE MY DAMN ITEMS AND HOW THAT CAR IN THE PARKING LOT THAT IS HIS IS PROBABLY PAYED OFF WITH YOUR ITEMS!! THEN HE OPENS THE DOOR WITH HIS STUPID “dammit i was just taking a poop, i could not whipe because the doorbell rang” LOOK ON HIS FACE!


Gently ask him to remove the stolen items and wish him a good day.


I would wait till the end of this month to close that account, and give you the earnings. I know it´s not perfect but at least you can get something for your work.
I hope you can resolve this quickly.

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Just to clarify… I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t bother about stuff like this. I’m just saying that if you think something is worth doing then you should do it. If you don’t think something is worth doing, then you shouldn’t do it. Its up to you to make that call.

Personally, I would not rest until I’d used every legal recourse at my disposal to rectify the issue, ensure I was compensated for any loss, and the individual in question had suffered the full force of my wrath. But hey, that’s just me!


Not really, I’ve submitted the DMCA notice already :slight_smile: Hope he will be banned soon. But it’s sad, there is probably more accounts like that, making money by doing nothing but uploading stolen intellectual property.


Please Envato we need a bit more of a pro site for AJ. Id verification soon!


P.S. There is a facebook linked to his account :smile: What’s wrong with this guy? I wonder if he even realizes what he does

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I’ve come to the conclusion that Envato really doesn’t care about stuff like this. Copycats, mis-representing as exclusive, and out-right theft. They talk a good game when you contact support but very little if anything gets done. It’s all money in their pocket.

I just checked an author that was reported for selling the same items on multiple marketplaces while representing as exclusive over 2 months ago (almost 3), it’s all still there, he’s been bragging on here about selling Broadcast licenses. Was told by Will at support that something was being done but I’ve given up… I’m thinking I’ll definitely go for that exclusive badge on my own account soon tho and get my extra cut, will probably pay for a few more beers on the weekend, screw playing by the rules :stuck_out_tongue:


So…Here it is :slight_smile:
Sorry, his english is even worse than mine )
“I received an email from envato who wrote to me that I have been raped
What I understand that items that are your copyright for this really I apologize and if you can forgive me if I was raped believe I did not know that they have copyright and I will be very careful next time I apologize. I’m afraid that they block my Accounto for this reason I ask you to forgive me and I really did not know they had copyright
And sorry for my english language
Have a good day”

What would you do? :slight_smile:

“Even if it’s true, and you didn’t know those sounds are copyrighted. You decided to upload someone’s work to AJ and make money out of it. Which is absolutely not OK. Also, there are other stolen sounds in your portfolio (i decided not to claim them yet).”


so that guy is 42/43 years old (i suppossed) and he is telling that didn´t know that?!..


What a weak reply… sad and it says a lot about this character.
I would have zero mercy 2MD. he has stolen your work and is ONLY sorry because he got busted.


If this is true then the Authors who have been ripped need to be compensated and his account blocked - immediately.

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Hey guys - just a reminder that calling out other users on the forums is not allowed, even if they did break the rules. Please refrain from posting their username further.