My track had stolen and uploaded on Audiojungle


Hello guys . My audio file brazenly had stolen and uploaded today on Audiojungle. I do not know what kind of people need to be to do so, and to spoil the reputation of the strongest market.( I have uploaded this file 2 years ago. Help Please punish the thief.!!

Link to profile thief :

A link to my non-exclusive profile:



You should report it to Envato support at:

Hopefully Envato can assist you with your issue quicky! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, this is ordinary situation…
But situation is improving, I think!
In last year we found hundreds of stolen tracks!
Last 1-2 months intensified thieves again :frowning:


What happens to thieves in situations like this? Does Envato ban them and close their profile?


There was a topic like this a week ago, the most wise though was that Envato needs some kind of content ID or fingerprint system. I can’t even imagine how many tracks were not even noticed to be stolen and still available on the market and this is sad…


Open a ticket via the link @Patchesoft provided as soon as possible. Then give the ticket ID number to the Envato support on Twitter to speed things up. The thief already made 3 sales off of you today! This should be your money!


Yes, i think Envato should make the ID or something as Facebook copyright scan.


The worst thing is these people may also sell the music on other marketplaces and i guess it’s even more difficult for an author to discover


Wrote a letter . Still no answer !


Good for you that yo’ve noticed it as it is released today!
I hope Envato will react asap to ban this thief!


Did you send a DMCA complaint? That should be the fastest way.


Yes, thieves and lazy people are everywhere, but it’s so incredibly easy to do it in this business. With essentially no risk!

And the punishment? NONE! They keep the money they’ve earned before the account is shut down, and they just have to come up with another profile name and start again… It’s ridiculous really that they aren’t punished in the same way a regular thief is.


The track is now down. The account is still open though.
Earnings, sales count, and exposure should be transferred to the actual author/victim.

Envato needs to do something about it! Again, a fingerprinting tool would prevent such blatant thefts. By not setting this up and by providing a safe haven for those thieves, Envato is de facto their accomplice!

This needs to change!

Envato you are failing your authors and you are failing your buyers as well! You are the platform with the highest fee for authors and you are the only platform in the world with a fee for buyers. And yet you offer no protection for your authors by letting their music be resold by thieves on the very same platform. No protection for your buyers either who may buy licenses that are actually void.

This results in deep trust issues with your content providers as well as with your customers. Don’t you see how bad for your business this is? Why you would rather keep allegiance to fraudsters is beyond me.


Good that Envato acted quickly, but not quickly enough. He made already a bunch of sales. In this case the Author should get compensated as the item can be identified as his property.

I can just encourage every author to check suspicious items with and report them to Support.


Actually, I’m pretty sure Envato didn’t do anything. The thief took it down themselves. If it was indeed Envato’s doing, that would mean they knowingly allow a thief to keep on selling on here.


Now I have one question, they remove this rascal or not? Envato not yet responded to the request.


So did you get an answer from support? The profile is still open…


Just an idea (I could be completely wrong, of course):
What if additional proof would be required when submitting a song? For example a screenshot of the arrangement? That would be a little effort for the author, but could be like a fingerprint.
Yes, ok, I know - the image of a DAW can also be faken. But at least it would be a bid harder for a thief.
As I see it, it is now obviously too easy to steal songs and resell them.


This would be great and ideal but hard to achieve this way for now. We asking just for ID verification at least.