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How can I report someone who use my music without permission and with audiojungle watermark on youtube?

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Submit a request here:

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Unfortunately, Envato support will not do anything about it. They are not concerned by this… at all.

If you are 100% positive they are using your music illegitimately, then you can report your copyright infringement to Youtube. This process can take some time, and if Youtube feels you are abusing this system, you may have to pay the consequences, which is why you have to absolutely sure the music was not licensed.

It would be best to reach out to the user first and see how they respond, before taking more drastic measures.

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Ok, thank you so much.

Envato won’t do anything about it because they are not the copyright holders - the authors hold the copyright.


Although, in a perfect world and in light of the enormous fee we’re made to pay, Envato could allocate resources, knowledge and networks, and set-up a copy-right infringement responder platform to help us authors deal with these issues (I know this is completely delusional).

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Well if they posted a link to your music I would suggest not removing it. :)) its actually good for you.

I totally agree.

What would be awesome was a system where Envato could let us track usage through ContentID. Now that Adrev won’t allow AJ authors to join, it would be awesome if Envato created their own version for AJ authors.

Many things could have been tried and done with ContentID, even with PROs… Unfortunately, they lack the vision and the will.

That’s 100% false. Envato will take down any file they receive a legitimate DMCA for.

Take down from Youtube? Are you sure?

No mate, from the marketplaces, Google will handle YouTube.

Alright, this thread is about Youtube though. So, I fail to see how my statement “Envato support will not do anything about it. They are not concerned by this” is 100% false.

Maybe you should have read better before snapping aggressive assertions like this.

I think what we’re talking about is submitting DCMA requests to YouTube, not Envato. Envato isn’t going to police YouTube for AJ tracks (nor do I think that’s their responsibility) because they are not the legal copyright holder.