Themforest wordpress installation

Hi guys I bought the theme but the documents gives instructions to install via magento and I only know how to use wordpress the Magento is way complicated for me so how can I install the them on wordpress?

If it talks about Magento are you sure the item you bought is a WP theme?

What’s the item link?

Well I bought it here on Envato I was looking for wordpress theme but after downloading, the pdf document talks only of Magento. Is there a way I could perhaps change the theme to wordpress or is it too late? Because I might have made a wrong purchase

Assuming it is a Magento theme then you should see if the author has a WP version.

They are the people to talk to about refunds but are more likely to do this if there is the alternative version that you could buy

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Ok thanks do you have their email? I tried going to their website but I found no email, and also tried to tweet them but they have not replied.