Can't install purchased theme to Wordpress

Hello everybody, hope somebody can help me because this thing is driving me nuts. My name is Vincenzo, nice to meet you all here.

I basically can’t manage to install on Wordpress the purchased item. I think the file itself is flawed. I contacted support three days ago and more but I didn’t get any reply.

Hope there’s somebody here willing to help because I’m stuck at work and I need to get this done as soon as possible. The theme bought is Please somebody help. I tried to upload also just parts of it, it is not a problem of compression. Also, when I click on “Download” it doesn’t appear the “Only installable file” as I saw in the tutorial. Please help. Anybody who knows the author?

Best regards,



Do you purchase this theme!
That is a HTML template it will not install like WordPress you have to purchase WordPress/CMS version then you are able to install that theme in your server as a WordPress.

Here is that theme WordPress Version


Thank you so much! I will then ask for a refund if it is possible and buy that one? Is it normal there is such a big difference in prices?

Yes that’s true there is difference cause a WP theme price $59 & HTML $17.
You can ask for refund but not sure you will get back refund or not cause you download his file.
Cause Envato market have refund policy

You can contact with that item author here about with your details may be he can help you.


Thank you so much. At least thanks to you now I know what to do. I don’t know how to thank you. You’ve been very helpful. Hope I will be able to help you back, one day.

Have a nice day!