GoDaddy installation of a themeforest purchase

I’m brand new to WordPress and am setting up my very first site with it. However I’m lacking serious instruction on what to do now that I bought a theme and downloaded it.

The hosting is with GoDaddy. I have installed [through their so-called Cpanel] WordPress software on to the site and I’ve been given a green light the installation was complete. I am on a Mac and have unzipped the themeforest download but am unsure if I just upload the contents inside the unzipped folder.

Also, do I have to do anything like create a database???

My sincere apologies for such novice questions. But any links to a guide or suggestions where to turn next is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, Mel

You would install it like any other theme. Upload the theme folder into the “wp-content > themes” folder.

Your theme should have come with a read me, read that…

From my experience, here is what you have to do:

Once you have installed wordpress on to your current hosting, go to installed applications and you will have to follow the instructions to complete the wordpress setup process.

Then you will have to upload the theme into the relevant folder (just as the above poster has mentioned).

You will then have to log in i.e go to the domain or folder extension or subdomain you installed wordpress on and login with your details that you used for the installation. Go to appearance, add theme ( i think) and select the theme you uploaded and install…

Then you should be good to go.


Thanks for your reply but as a beginner to this I’ve never worked first with WordPress —or— uploaded, installed, and worked with a theme so I wouldn’t have known where a theme goes to begin with.

As for a help file in the download, I’ve spent six hours trying to find it or an FAQ on Envato’s site…in a desperate attempt for help, I thought I come here to the forum.

There was a help folder that contained an HTML file and when I click it to read, this was what I was given:

Table of Contents

  1. HTML Structure
  2. CSS Files and Structure
  3. JavaScript
  4. Sources and Credits
  5. Widgets
  6. Options Panel
  7. Contact Form
  8. Goole Maps API
  9. Fancy Box
  10. Custom Fields
  11. Best Strucutre

There is a license.txt file, but that contains legal jargon and such. Otherwise it’s PSD files, .xmls, and more zipped folders. Am I to unzip them before trying to install them on GoDaddy? No idea as I can’t find ANY instructions that came with the download. I do have an email out to the author explaining my situation as well. No word yet, but I sent that about an hour ago.

Will give that a shot ModernWorld–thank you for taking the time to explain this in better depth.


Forgive me again for my ignorance, but when I unzip the themeforest download I purchased, this is all that I’m provided with. There is no folder called “theme” or thereabouts:

NOTE “•” donotes a FOLDER

• Help [folder]
• ourhome [folder with lots of .php files, etc in there]
• psd-files [folder]

The “ourhome” folder has more than three contents–unlike the other folders that only have two.

• contact
• fancybox
• images
• js
• styles

Is it this entire folder that I should be dumping into the “theme” folder on the hosting site?

Again, thank you for your continued support!

I have written some steps to make sure you have followed for someone else here:
Setting up WP
scroll down to my second post in the thread and I think there is a third one to.

Try that and see how you go.

Once you have WP installed, you then upload the hole theme folder. The folder should be named the same as the theme name not ‘theme’.

Its best to compress it/zip it, you can do this by right clicking on it usually. and compressing it.

Again, once WP is installed and working, then go to the dashboard and upload the theme.

The steps are in the link above.

Hope that helps.

OK, new here! Happy 2014!
I just bought the X Ultimate… trying to install it in Godaddy for hours and it simply fails over and over… Very frustrating!

I tried to install the zip and then unarchive… fail! Folder missing!
I tried the unzip it and then install the folder… fail! Folder missing…
I tried to install it through Appearance - Themes… fail!.. In this one it simply stops when it’s almost there!

(And I am not big on code or any of that… Mortal here… Simple muggle that does not get a lot of the magical code and wording and so on!)

I am getting a horrible frustration being new year’s eve and all!

Any help out there?


It says “stylesheet is missing”? Most likely you are trying to install the wrong zip file. You have two options:

  1. In your download page here make sure you select “Installable WordPress files only” and install this zip via the dashboard

  2. Again make sure you only download the installable WP file then UNZIPPED you can drop the theme folder via FTP into WP-Contents >> Themes

Charlie! Happy New Year already!

OK! It works… but! Now I get this message: Unable to create directory uploads/2014/01. Is its parent directory writable by the server?


This gods language is way to much for such a mortal! Thank you for your reply!

You can check the uploads folder is there in your ftp - if it is not you could have issues with images importing but I would imagine its fine.

Good luck

I’m trying to install the Kubb template via wordpress on my site hosted by GoDaddy. I get an error which says “upload failed - Missing index.php” The zip file does not contain a index.php file! Has anyone successfully dealt with this?