i bought a theme, but how do i use it?

i bought one of the themes, and i want to customise it, so i looked up on how to do that. after a few days of being stupid i figured out i gotta download the admin page off of wordpress.org.

When i try to further follow the guide and install my custom theme it says the link expired. im really at a loss. i tried customer support from the devs of the template and they say i cant install themes from themeforest on wordpress.org at all? even though their website has a guide on how to install their theme from themeforest on wordpress.org?

i feel like im thinking too hard about this since that theme has hundreds of purchases and almost no one is struggling with it. when i go into the code its clearly intended to be used only with a website editor. I tried finding other website editors but they dont accept your own templates.

Ive been struggling for weeks, please help!


Please check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary support. Otherwise the best way to get the support is Contact your purchased theme Author. How to Contact Author and let them know. theme author will be very happy to assist your technical query.


You can’t install anything on wordpress.org. You can download the WordPress installation from wordpress.org and install it on your own hosting and there you will install the theme itself.

Alternatively, you can use a a hosting with the premium account at wordpress.com (note the difference in the domain).

That said, when you are buying a WordPress theme form ThemeForest (or any other market) you are expected to already have some experience with the WordPress itself. Similarly to when you are buying a car, the car dealership is not going to tech you how to drive a car. They can help you with some specifics of that particular car, but you should already have your driving license.

If you are new to WordPress then you can start here:

Some hosting companies will allow you install the WordPress right from the control panel, which can save you some headache if you are new to the platform.

You can also install the WordPress on your local computer to test it out before you commit to a hosting plan. There are many tutorials on that, you can start here:

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i solved it. I already downloaded the the thing on wordpress.org, but it wouldnt accept it and now i know why. I needed to download the envato market plugin, and install the theme from there (after logging in and giving the key i got to prove i bought it of course). Problem solved