Please help – complete WordPress beginner struggling to install a theme

I have my domain and host all set-up for WordPress and my url is currently displaying a default WordPress theme.

I purchased Uncode from themeforest and after trying to install it on the WordPress admin several times, my server seems to be rejecting it and I’m getting an error message saying ‘Are you really sure you want to do this?’ And then it fails. I downloaded the specific WordPress installation files from themeforest.

My host has suggested uploading it to the ftp instead but hasn’t given me much of a clue how to do this… I’m a complete novice with web design and trying really hard to learn as much as I can but now I’m stuck as the Rimuhosting control panel has all sorts of language that I don’t understand, DNS, VNS etc etc.

Can anyone help please? :grin:

If the headache gets too bad, the WordPress installation services on Envato Studio are pretty affordable :smiley:

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Checkout this WordPress Theme Installation guide on the Envato blog. It sounds like you probably downloaded the full theme & docs instead of just the installable theme zip file. Just go to your Envato downloads page, download the “Installable theme file only” and then upload that to your WordPress installation. Or, even better, use the Envato Market plugin instead (here’s a full Envato Market plugin guide). With this plugin you can easily install and later on update all of your Themeforest and CodeCanyon purchases right from your WordPress dashboard (so much easier than manually).


Thanks everyone for your suggestions – I was banging my head on the table and it was actually the hosting side of things that wasn’t able to manage the template size, all sorted now though after lots of back and forth and help from the host.
Thanks again… onwards and upwards continuing a steep learning curve with WordPress!

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