Who can help me install the envato theme?

Please recommend me someone who can help me out?

Try to get in contact with @ki-themes

Or someone else - https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-installation

Hi Ki-temes,

I have my wp installed. I have themeforest installed, but I have never upgraded it. That is my problem.

Tell me what you will charge me to update this theme. What I never liked from this theme is, that we never could share to twitter, facebook, etc. When we tried to do so, the site goes off. It happened several times. Gracias.


Themeforest WordPress installation guide


As @CocoBasic suggested, I’d be happy to help you on the project in case something goes wrong or you need additional support by updating/fixing the issues. Please, feel free to contact anytime

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Hi, because of Covid I did not contacted you anymore, but I am still interested. Please contact me again.