Is this a joke?

I am trying to install Themeforest Boutique Theme - Kute - I am logged into my Envato page - I have spent around three hours and made absolutely no progress whatsoever - just getting more and more frustrated
I downloaded and unzipped Themeforest - went to document folder and opened the installation file where I found a simple step by step guide to what I had to do. The only problem is that the folders and files in the instructions were almost all different from the folders and files that I had downloaded. So it was impossible to follow these instructions. (Of course, the moment you try to access the free support that comes with this theme you are told that you have to pay to get help installing!)
I noticed that one of the instructions was to go to my Wordpress dashboard and select Appearance>Theme to download - Well, I spent an hour or more looking for my dashboard. The only dashboard I could find was Authors Dashboard - when I looked in help for finding dashboard I was told that I had to go to admin which I would find by clicking a blue or grey strip at the top of my page - THERE IS NO GREY OR BLUE STRIP at the top of the page
Finally I wanted to change my password - I was logged in and went to profile selected Envato Account Settings where I could see my username and my email address whilst I was logged in - I entered my userame etc to change my password and was told repeatedly that this username which I was logged in with was not recognised. So I tried entering my email address and, same again, this email address is not recognised
I have asked for a refund because this is beyond a joke - I dare not sign out because I will not be able to get back in if my username and email address are not recognised
I do hope they ask me to rate this!

For what it is worth the fact that installation is not included in support is clearly outlined in envato’s support policy.

“You’ll need to have a working knowledge of the software platforms and technologies for which items are created, so item support does not include help to install the item on your server or on a CMS.”

To try and add some clarity to your situation:

  • To use a WP theme from here you need to have your own domain and hosting with WordPress installed on it (either via your hosting admin or by downloading the files from You cannot use a blog.

  • Once you have this setup then by going to you will be able to access your WordPress dashboard to install the theme. This is the dashboard mentioned in your documentation and has nothing to do with your envato account.

  • If you go to your themeforest downloads page (assuming you’re logged in) then and click the “download” button then there is an option labelled “installable WordPress Files Only” which would give you the right zip folder to install the theme.

This all said it sounds like you have issues beyond WordPress and support are definitely the right people to address these.

There appears to be some confusion here about how WP works - you may find that you are only entitled to a refund if the item is broken rather than simply not being familiar with WordPress.

With respect, if you are struggling with installing the theme and the difference between WP and envato dashboards then even once the theme is installed you are likely to struggle with using it.


Thank you for this. I accept that I am in no way an expert though I would rate my ability with most general software to be reasonably competent
What I cannot understand is why you supply installation instructions quoting files which simply are not in the download. If it were possible to follow your simple instruction I would have no issue but it is not.
My site is hosted by GoDaddy where I am now trying to download your theme - I have been asked to select a file to download and assumed that would be kute-boutique-v1.2.4zip but it seems that is too big so I have no idea what to try next - anyway I will keep trying

So just to be clear we don’t work for envato and envato don’t create the items, so unfortunately we can’t judge about what folder or files you download/see.

If you share a screenshot of what is there and what you see in the documentation then maybe we can add clarity to it.

All item related concerns should be put to the author.

I would strongly suggest logging into your account and using the download to get the “Installable WordPress Files Only” version because if the file is showing as too big then that is either an issue with your hosting memory limit or you may be trying to install the wrong folder and not just the theme folder itself.

Do you have WordPress installed on your domain/hosting now?

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Not sure if you’re interested in paid support but to save time, I could provide installation service

Thank you for this.
Actually I spent almost eight hours on this yesterday - just trying to install a simple theme- and I really do not want to spend much more time on this - I think it will probably be better to buy a theme from another company which does not provide misleading instructions and then charge for help.
FYI I have downloaded the “Installable Wordpress Files Only” and tried loading these on the GoDaddy hosted site via the Wordpress link but it just responds 'File too big’
I have already reported to the author yesterday but heard nothing back - they are probably too busy helping others who are having to pay to install their themes
Thanks anyway

With respect - if it’s definitely the installable version only and you still get that message then it’s a limit that needs modifying on your hosting and not the theme.

Unfortunately as everyone uses different hosts it’s impossible for any author to cater for everyone.

Good luck with your alternative theme

Contact your hosting support and ask them to increase this limit. The problem is on your side.

The easiest way that we install in extract ZIP file within /wp-content/themes via FTP (Cpanel is fine)
Go to Wordpress dashboard ( go to appearance --> Themes and activate the one you extracted.

Now it seems Goddaddy has a file size limit via cpanel (assuming this is how your are uploading), download an FTP clinet (I personally like Cyberduck or Filezilla), then you won’t have that small upload limit. FTP takes 5 minutes or less to setup.

You can always install within wordpress dashboard, yet I find it quicker using FTP.

To increase limit you can edit your php.ini file to skip reaching out to your hosting provider. The file is usually in your root, if it’t not then just create php.ini file within your root (google search for chunk of code). You would want to increase your max_execution_time and memory_limit within this file. If you did this, then any other website you may have within your root will defualt to this php.ini file, unless you add something to your httaccess to overide, whitch I listed below.

Or just add this to your .httaccess file

#Begin Custom Values
IfModule mod_php5.c>
php_value post_max_size 200M
php_value upload_max_filesize 200M
php_value memory_limit 300M
php_value max_execution_time 259200
php_value max_input_time 259200
php_value session.gc_maxlifetime 1200

#End Custom Values

After you add this, try and installing again. Only need your installtions files within yout Envato account. If you need help feel free to mesage me.

This is eactly what anyone would do if you pay them to install this for you. If you run into any issues let me know.