How to install theme on wordpress???

Hey guys! I need your help. I don’t know why. But I can’t install the theme what I have buy. I think it is for wordpress but I don’t know… It has a main-file and documentation. On the pictures u see maybe my problem. I don’t have any idea how I can install it. I have install the envato plugin and there I only see themes but not this theme… for installation…

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It looks like that is a HTML template and not WordPress theme - you can’t install that on WordPress.


oh! why nobody tells on the envato page … thats… good! ._. I can’t change it to a wordpress theme?

There is no option just to “change it”. If author has the WordPress version, you can contact him and to ask to give you refund for HTML after you buy the WordPress version.

If it’s this then unfortunately looks like there is not a WP version

Sorry but as my themecorest colleagues said, is html theme not wordpress :frowning: