Themeforest template prepration doubt




My name is Saifudeen. I am a newbie in themeforest, let me describe what is my doubt.

**I have designed a template for under construction theme, and my design contains four styles. Also i have done a help file and i will make a GPL also. I would like to make a theme preview by using my websites. Should i add any placeholders in my theme (_ not in preview, it means the buyers can add there own images _), or can i add complete package without any placeholders.

also when i add any images from any open source websites, should i notice that anywhere. Please help me with any link of your work’s screenshots and preview link.


It depends on if you own the images or are 110% sure you have permission to use them.

In the ‘demo’ you should use proper images to improve the look of the file assuming that again you either own those images or have the correct license to use them commercially.

In the download that any buyer would get you should use placeholders not the full image.

You can add where any images came from in the item description and/or documentation


If i used images from open source websites, should i saved that images in downloading file, or just need only placeholders @charlie4282


Just use placeholders in the downloadable version.

Only use the actual images in your demo version nowhere else.

You can link where the images come from in the item description but it’s not necessary anywhere else.


If it’s your first upload especially is such a crowded and tricky category, I strongly suggest you share a link here to get feedback from the community before submission


also, my theme has no php codes, so should i notice this thing in GPL or readme


It sounds like you may be over complicating the process. If there are none then you don’t need to include anything about them


Thank you @charlie4282