template issue

hello i wondering about something i found in other’s people template which is
they say the images or not included in download files
however when you do live view to the template or theme you see them (images)
how do they do it

You can have the images in the demo version (assuming you have the right license) but generally speaking avoid including them in the downloadable version

but how can i do it

What you see when you click the live preview button is a demo version hosted somewhere on the authors site.

What you also submit to TF is a zip folder containing a version of the template or theme in which you can (in some cases and assuming you have the right licenses) include the original images but generally it is safer to include placeholders instead.

You can always share a link to original images in the item description as if they are premium images you will almost certainly have to credit them anyhow.

In your other post you mentioned Shutterstock - it is HIGHLY unlikely you have the rights to distribute images from there e.g. include them in the downloadable version of your site.

When it comes to sites like them you need to make sure you have permission to use them in commercial projects too (even as just the demo).

i thought that themeforest host the template for me without having to host it
i always left the demo view field empty thinking that they will host it
anyway thank you bro for ur friendly help

No you need your own hosted demo - it will never be approved without that.

For what it’s worth - it’s always better to consider Photodune, and sites like UnSplash (there’s tons of threads about free images on these forums).

ShutterStock etc. have beautiful photos but their licenses are a minefield as a result

i think this is was the problem why they refused my two template
next time i will host it
i want to say thank you so much for your friendly advice you always best
thank you again

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