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I have a web template theme. I am going to add my theme in themeforest. I want to add a preview for my template, but i don’t have any website. Anybody please help ,how to make a theme preview for my template. Also i have question that, will the themeforest do this preview automatically.


To make theme / template preview, you must have hosting and domain (website) and in most cases, you have to pay for that.
Themeforest will not do the preview, you have to link the demo preview website when uploading template, it can be yours or your friend’s website.


If i didn’t do preview, will themeforest accept my theme? @ LeoneDesign


100% rejected without a demo.

You must have this and all the necessary submission elements like documentation, proper file structure etc.


Without a preview how can your customers see what you sell? Screenshots are not enough these days! And as my colleague just said, it will be 100% sure rejected. You must host your preview on your own server and provide a link in the upload form. Cheers.


Thank you all


Cheers mate! :slight_smile:


You can use free services like to prepare the demo in case you don’t want to purchase domain and hosting.



Will wordpress gives cpanel? also when i add my preview to other sites, how much secure it is


No, it’ll give wordpress admin area. In some way you can host static html there.

Yes, it is secure.


what is GPL, my template contains only HTML, css, javscript, jQuery files. I am not using PHP, i don’t understand what is actually GPLmeans, plase give me simple idea,
should i take copyright licence?



The GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL) is a widely used free software license, which guarantees end users the freedom to run, study, share and modify the software. See More

I think its easiest. You can either use Amazon EC2 for free.


Unfortunately if keeping your file from being pirated is a top priority then you will struggle in stock marketplaces.

There are precautions like minifying your code and releasing regular updates which will help the situation but regretfully there is very little that you can do to seriously prevent it from being ripped if someone wants to do so.


I suggest you to purchase a domain + hosting. You can opt for a shared hosting. It costs less.



There are many free hostings or only $5 that can deploy your work.

Pm or email me that I can send some refer link for you.


Please give me that references…
also your Email

All images, designs and styles are my designs (i have designed all things), do i need to get anything more than GPL, also when adding previews, can i use evento watermark (is any other license needed )?


@saifudazzlings Here are files that I use with my themes package


Thank you @wow_themes,

One more doubt only, when adding preview, can i show my theme directly, or should i add any watermark. When i add it directly, will themeforest reject my template. Also, the contents in the GPL file are same?, i don’t have php code, can i remove that paragraph (PHP code)


The package you are going to upload to themeforest must have placeholders instead of original images. You shouldn’t watermark the images in preview. It may dull your design.
No issue if you include the same files in the package whether you are uploading PSD, HTML or PHP


Given this is your first submission and based on some of the questions that you have - you may benefit from sharing your demo link here to get feedback and ideas before submitting for review.