ThemeForest Live Preview Questions

I’m a new designer with a few packages on GraphicRiver and I have a question related to ThemeForest.
I want to start building and uploading websites pretty soon (not WordPress themes) and I have a few questions. If someone is kind enough to help me, I would really appreciate it:

  1. Could someone recommend a good hosting service to upload my themes, except Bluehost? What service do you use, and how satisfied are you?

  2. Can I upload a theme without having a live preview link? Would pictures be enough to make a few sales? I’m asking because I could do that and after I get some money I can start uploading themes with live preview.

Those are my questions for now, so can someone help me please? Thank you very much!

We’re using GoDaddy
Extremely fast!

Google PageSpeed Insights:

Okay, thank you very much :slight_smile:

There are plenty of cheap options like GoDaddy, Hostgator etc.

Free hosting is a bad idea and detrimental to your files with downtime and slow loading

You have to have a working demo for HTML sites - if you didn’t buyer would be very surprised and almost certainly not buy something that they cannot see working

Yeah, I was thinking about that too… well, I guess I’ll go to GoDaddy as soon as I’ll have something ready to upload.
Thank you very much for your anwer :slight_smile: