I need to know that

Hi all:
I’m making a web page (html) to sell ThemeForest.
A question:
It will accept a free hosting for live preview? I have a question I need to know before getting my hosting, thanks.


PS: remember that I do not speak English very well so use google translator

Hola a todos:
Estoy haciendo una página web (html) para vender themeforest.
Una pregunta:
Aceptará un hosting gratuito para vista previa en vivo? tengo una duda necesito saber antes de subir mi hosting, gracias.


P.d: recuerda que yo no hablo muy bien en ingles por eso use traductor de google

help me please

I dont think you require a hosting for html template preview. you can upload your preview files to envato itself

Image : http://i.imgur.com/pnKM0G4.jpg

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I did not know that but thank you very much

Sorry, I found I can not send my files to url demo but I would choose my files, what I can do?

otherwise, let me know if url demo you can use a free hosting.


Check the highlighted sections

I have not found anywhere to climb.

@JeriThemes i am sorry. then you need to buy hosting. can you contact me directly reg hosting

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Thank you very much for your help.


You do need a working demo

You can use free hosting but normally it is a bad idea in terms of the negative impact it can have on your sales due to downtime and slow speeds


Thanksssssssss Charlie, then I will use the free hosting, but when I have money I will buy a normal hosting