please help muse template


i want to submit my muse template . my demo in free domain and hosting .
is this problem .


Not a problem but you will regret it hugely.

Slow loading, down time, bad buyer experience = bad sales


before 2 week i have soft reject the reason is the demo link after that i put the demo link and the replay is hard reject


You can buy more cheap a hosting for accepted themeforest


free hosting not acceptable


i have free host is this problem in approve?


there is no free hosting for accepted themeforest, you can buy a hosting premium.


are you understand me ^^
my demo for life preview in free hosting
is this problem ?
sorry my English is bad


You can use a free hosting.

It is just not a good idea because of problems that come with it.

Was the soft rejection because you did not have a demo link at all? The hard rejection may be that now the reviewer has seen the site there are other problems


thank you charlie