000webhost preview link acceptable or not?

hello, sir/
my i have made one template for selling and its now ready for upload for preview.
but template curently live at free service 000webhost
so its free hosting preview live link acceptable or not during upload the project?
thank you

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be allowed, but are you sure you want to risk it? From what I can tell you are limited to 3000 users a month, that will kind of be gone on Envato in a few days since items here get a lot of traffic, and furthermore, the performance of a free host will be a catastrophe.

If you’re looking for a cheap host, try something like Vultr or DigitalOcean, it’s much better than a free host that doesn’t even provide SSL…

That’s my opinion! You’ll have a bad time on a free host! :blush:

thank you for giving suggestion to me, thanks again. i will prefer premium hosting

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Always the best! Think of this, you’re selling a premium product, with a free host, it’s clear the product won’t perform at it’s highest capabilities! Cheers and good luck with your product mate! :blush:

Cheap hosts also come with fixed X-Frame-Options header value issues which creates problems with the envato preview frame

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Use netlify to host your template ,it’s free and easy to deploy your item

Hello sir,
We need suggestions off you and exact reason of the theme rejection.
Plz check


Currently it reject
We have putted lots of afford and time in it, but it rejected and not get any exact reason of rejection from reviewer. Plz suggest us and plz give us exact reason of the rejection, so we can improve it in our next theme.

If typo issue in it, so plz suggest us where is the typo mistake done by us.
We want know all point of mistake which we have done in this theme.
Plz your 10-15 min is very important for us.
Thank you