ThemeForest says support is available but the author says it's not, What to do?

I purchased this theme ( a while ago and recently updated my wordpress to the most recent version (v4.5.2) and things stopped working, like changing the status of a post, the ThemeForest item page shows there are updates (I have v5.2 and think updating to v5.4 will fix my issues). The authors site says that they automatically update the downloads with the most current version, but when I download I get the same old version (according to the docs in the zip). I wouldn’t mind purchasing support as the ThemeForest item pages says is available, but the authors support site (that you have to sign into and verify the purchase code) plainly says “Please Note: This theme is no longer supported Started by: James – Support Moderator - 2 months, 1 week ago”

So… Where to go from here? Wil purchasing support get me the latest download? Will it be a waste of money purchasing ThemeForest support when the Author has said on their support site it’s not supported?

you get the latest download no matter if you have support or not… it might be that they haven’t updated the docs in the downloads? download the theme and check the style.css in the theme to see what version it is…

yes, the style.css says v5.5, Thank You.

But why is this item still on sale?

Support is optional, and author can specify if the item is supported or not.

I know.
This one is supported.